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Lawrence C. Cross, Photographer


Artist Statement


     People are my photographic passion. My portfolio is a visual representation of my passion, my joy, my delight. I love people as they are, not as I think they should be, not with their masks in place but as real people doing real things in real ways even if the real thing is posing for me.


     I love to start by visualizing the photographs I will make of my subjects, how I will light them, the expressions I will capture and the ways they will represent themselves. I derive great pleasure from seeing how people see themselves, what clothing they consider to be appropriate to a shoot and how they react to different props; chairs, stools, lounges, toys, hats, etc.


     My goal is to encourage people to be themselves in front of my lens.


     It is difficult to say whether indoor or outdoor photography is more satisfying. Certainly, it is easier to use the tools of image making; electronic flash, soft boxes, scrims, flags, etc. in studio settings, but it is every bit as rewarding to use available light in outdoor settings to capture great images. And my motivation is about the images, the story as it unfolds

Lawrence Cross

  • Photograph Restoration
  • Family Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography
Providing services to Green Cove Springs and North East Florida.

Your memories are my business

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